Tabs I’m going to open again

  • htop in the browser - Looks cool but could be a security risk
  • run-when - Run something when something changes
  • resty - command like tools for interacting with REST apis
  • yaml - jq for yaml (finally)

Tabs I’ve closed for now

Tabs I’ve consumed

  • vim-go - A go plugin for vim (works pretty well)
  • vim-go-ide - A very opinionated vimrc (and modules) that sits next to your real .vimrc (works really well, but it’s almost not vim)
  • Itsy Forth - “Itsy Forth is a tiny indirect-threaded compiler for a subset of the Forth programming language. The compiler contains an interactive interpreter which allows the programmer to define new words (subroutines), execute them and even extend the language.”